Talbot Heath was founded in 1886 by Mary Broad, a pioneer of girls’ education who was determined to offer a first-class liberal education to the daughters of the professional classes.

Bournemouth High School as it was known then, outgrew its original premises and in 1936 the School moved to its current site and was renamed, Talbot Heath.

With this fascinating school history comes a vast archive which we are extremely excited about being able to start our digital archive journey. A special thanks goes to the beloved Miss Vernon Brown for the legacy she left the school which has made this project possible.

The digital archive currently includes material from 1886 to 2009, including photographs, school magazines and various other documents of interest. We are delighted to be able to share a small part of our School’s archive collection with you.

In time we hope to have our whole school archive available to view digitally, therefore donations will help us achieve this goal. If you would like to donate to the Talbot Heath digital archive project please contact Hayley O'Shea: hoshea@talbotheath.org

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