'Talbot Heath was founded in 1886 by Mary Broad with the aim of providing a first class liberal education for girls, an aim that holds true today. 

A committed social reformer and devoted Christian, Miss Broad wished to provide a rigorous education with high academic standards, while developing a genuine love of life and learning in her pupils. At Talbot Heath we cherish our long traditions and heritage while celebrating modernity and dynamism.

Talbot Heath is a Church of England School founded on Christian principles but we welcome pupils of all faiths.

Our approach is an inclusive one where all members of the community are united in the importance they place on principles, compassion and consideration of others.

Talbot Heath girls are confident but not arrogant, knowledgeable but not complacent, able to express their opinions but willing to listen to those of others, independent yet supportive, strong yet compassionate, principled but fun.

They value what they have and they value others. They are keen to play a role in the wider world but have a strong sense of community. They are original but can work as a team.

The School’s motto is ‘Honour Before Honours’ and this underpins the community. We care for each other and support one another. Integrity and character lie at the heart of who we are.'

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